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The Trend Sweeping Social Media

The Trend Sweeping Social Media

If you're new to this concept, what does it mean to ‘Dress Your Phone’? Simply, it means you outfit your phone with a set of accessories that give it a unique look and added features. This could be to compliment your outfit for the evening, or to make carrying and using your phone easier.

In this blog we take a look at how to create the best outfit for your phone in 4 simple steps.



Depending on how you want to style your phone, the case can be the hero piece or the blank canvas!

The first place to start is with the case. Think of this as the shirt or the dress you choose for date night - it’s going to form the basis of the look that you will then accessorise. There are two ways to go here. You can treat the case as the blank canvas that lets your other accessories shine, or you can make the case the hero of the whole look.

If you’re looking to keep the case nice and simple, then we’re going to recommend you look at some clear options. Clear plastic cases have been the most popular style on the market for a while now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still change it up! Pick a clear case that has some coloured features that compliment the colour of your phone. For example, coloured borders around the cameras and buttons can add some subtle styling and break up the block colour.

On the other hand, if you’re going to base your whole look around the case, you’ll want something that really pops! Some good advice is to try to choose something classic and timeless, unless you want to be changing out your case every few months. Yes, that fire breathing dragon looks cool now, but you’re probably going to have this phone for two to three more years, will you still love it then?



Just like you wouldn't go out without some mascara on, you can't dress your phone without some lens jewels!


You may never have considered this before, but the way phone manufacturers design the look and layout of the cameras is one of the biggest defining features of a phone’s look. In the same way that a lick of mascara and some eye shadow can really bring out your eyes, stylish Lens Jewels can help define one of your phone’s best features.

Lens Jewels are a relatively new trend, so if you’re not yet familiar with them, then you are forgiven. They are an accessory that fits over the lens of your cameras allowing you to customise the look of your device, and they come in a wide range of styles, from jewel encrusted to classic metals and neon colours.

Depending on the overall look you want, if you want to keep it understated then something simple in the same colour or a complimentary colour to the phone will look good, but if you want bling then you definitely need diamonds!



Phone straps are the biggest style accessory of 2024, but they're also super convenient!

One of the biggest style trends for phones in 2024 is the strap, and let us explain why. Everything is on your phone these days. You pay for everything by tapping your phone, your ID is on your phone, your notes, your emails, your contacts, your documents… it’s all on your phone. So why are you still carrying a bag if the only thing in it is your phone? The strap lets you get rid of the handbag and turn your phone into the ultimate style accessory.

There are two types of strap and they come in a range of styles. Firstly, you have the Hand Strap which you can wear over your wrist. These are super convenient and easy to use to carry your phone around. The other option is the Cross Body Strap which is more like the classic handbag shoulder strap. You can throw these over your shoulder, or even wrap them around your waist like a cute belt accessory.

The great thing about the best brands is that the actual strap part can be swapped fairly easily, meaning you can change up the style to fit your outfit. The classic gold and silver chains are perfect for when you want to get dressed up - just match the colour metal to your jewellery. Then you can change it for a rope chord style that goes perfectly with activewear when you’re exercising or just in a more relaxed setting.



Magnetic accessories can complete your phone's look, but they also add functionality!

Finally, you might be looking for a feature piece to finish the look or just an accessory that compliments how you use your phone. Whatever it is, we highly recommend magnetic options because they can easily be removed or swapped for a different look or when they are not needed. Here are our top four types of magnetic accessory to consider:


  1. Magnetic Grips - Not only do they make your phone easier to hold but can be popped out to make an easy stand. Generally you’ll want ick a colour that matches the other accessories, but sometimes you can have some fun by making it a feature piece.
  2. Magnetic Card Wallets - If you are the kind of person who still likes to carry cards and cash, a magnetic wallet is a great option. Top tip here is to look for quality. Not only can cheap silicone wallets tear easily, but if the magnet is not strong enough then you run the risk of it getting knocked off and losing all of your cards! We always recommend a vegan leather which is durable and looks great.
  3. Power Bank - Not all power banks look that glamorous, and when it comes to keeping your phone charged you might not want to choose style over substance. You should at least be able to find something that is slimline and charges wirelessly so it is nice and discreet, even if it isn’t perfectly matching your look.
  4. Magnetic Speaker - The ultimate party accessory. When your phone’s speakers don’t cut it, pop on a magnetic speaker and pump the tunes because style is about more than just looks!


Is 2024 the year you start to dress your phone? You’ll be surprised how many different looks you’ll be able to create from a few different accessories, so don’t be afraid to mix and match and find a combination you love! If you’re not sure where to start, visit your nearest Fone King and we can show you some different options.