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5 Products To Make Travelling A Breeze!

5 Products To Make Travelling A Breeze!

Whether it’s exploring this amazing country or jetting off overseas, there is no doubt that Aussies love to travel! As someone once said, “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer”, and whilst we all know a Crypto Bro who will tell you differently, what they meant was that experiences and memories enrich our lives. 

Travelling in a tech-reliant world comes with some challenges, but the tech you travel with should never be a hindrance. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five products that will make travelling easier, so you can focus on having life changing experiences and making unforgettable memories. 



There are few things that top the Great Australian Road Trip. With a huge country right on your doorstep to explore, getting out of the city and driving along spectacular coastal roads, visiting character-filled country towns and exploring the famous Australian bush, has all the hallmarks of a memorable trip without ever getting on a plane. 

If you’re hitting the road, now more than ever before, your phone is going to be essential for directions and providing the perfect driving soundtrack. That’s why you cannot afford for your phone to die halfway to your destination. The Mount It Robotic Evolution X3 is the most advanced car cradle on the market today, and it’s going to take the stress out of any road trip. Not only do the robotic arms and feet securely hold your phone, keeping it safely in place even on the roughest of back country roads, but the 15w super speed charging capabilities mean your phone will stay fully charged for the whole journey. This is even more important if you're camping, as your vehicle might be the only place you can charge your phone. 

The great thing about the Mount It range of car cradles is that you can mix and match any head with any mount, so you can pair the Robotic Evolution X3 with the perfect mount for your vehicle to get the ultimate car cradle solution! 



When travelling there are so many different things to consider when it comes to charging your tech. What type of plugs do you need? How many types of cables do you need? Will this cable work with that device? What is the battery life of your tech? Do you need battery packs? The list goes on… and before you know it, half your suitcase is taken up with the different cables and chargers you need for the tech you’re taking. 

Imagine if there was one charger that did everything you needed? Well, there is and it’s called the Voltflex 5 in 1 Universal Travel Charger. 

The Voltflex has interchangeable plugs making it compatible in over 150 different countries (that’s nearly all of them), with inbuilt lightning and USB-C cables that will charge the majority of devices, plus USB and USB-C ports for additional cables. It also works as a wireless charger, has fast charging capabilities for compatible devices, and built-in safety features to prevent over charging, overheating and short circuits. If that wasn’t enough, unplug it for the powerpoint and it becomes a battery pack for charging on the go as well. 

It really can do pretty much anything when it comes to charging, and the sleek and compact design means that it’s also going to take up less than 10% of the space of all of those different plugs and cables you’d otherwise be carrying. If you’re going overseas, this really is a must have! 



These days you simply cannot afford to travel overseas without some form of travel adaptor. Without one, you could be stuck with dead tech and no way to charge it. Those cheap one hit travel adaptors simply don’t cut it either. You’re going to want something that is reliable and has you covered wherever you go. 

The Universal Travel Adaptor by Raw Techlabs works in virtually every country in the world, making it the travel enthusiast’s best friend. With adjustable plugs, multiple USB and USB-C ports, as well as sockets for a range of international plugs (ideal if you're borrowing tech whilst travelling), it really should be the first item on your travel essentials list! 



The whole point of visiting different countries and cities is sightseeing! Who wants to stay cooped up in their hotel room when you can hit the streets and experience new cultures, eat new food and see great landmarks. If you’re planning a day of sightseeing, the key thing is to travel light and not be weighed down by unnecessary bags and equipment. 

The Active Cross Body Strap by Amy Taylor is the perfect sightseeing accessory. The thick nylon rope is comfortable and durable for a full day of wear, and it can be adjusted to the perfect length to keep your phone handy for snapping pictures or checking travel guides on the go. Also, the advantage of having a phone strap as opposed to just putting your phone in a bag or pocket is that it is much more secure and harder for pickpockets to steal, making sure your dream trip doesn’t become a nightmare. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for something more classy for evening time, the Amy Taylor Collection of Phone Straps are interchangeable, so you can quickly swap for one of the chains or hand straps to accessorise your outfit. 



Unfortunately tourists are a prime target for scammers who take advantage of someone being in unfamiliar surroundings to get away with scams you probably wouldn’t fall for back home. One of the most common and hardest to detect scams is credit card skimming, where they use a machine to swipe your credit card and deduct money from your account. This could happen whilst you’re paying for something at a market or restaurant, but they can even do it whilst your card is still in your bag or wallet. 

Luckily, there is a really simple and very inexpensive solution. The Anti-Theft RFID card by Phone Geek scrambles the signal around your credit cards, helping to protect you from being skimmed and keeping your travel finances where they belong… in your account ready to be spent on enjoying your holiday! 

What piece of tech can you simply not travel without? If you’ve got an essential travel item, let us know in the comments, and if you are travelling this year and have found this list useful, check out all of these products on our website, or head to one of our stores!