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Why you need to clean your phone

Why you need to clean your phone

Our phones are our constant companions. We take them absolutely everywhere with us (Yes, we know you’re using your phone whilst sitting on the toilet!). It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that our phones get dirty, yet most of us don’t think about cleaning them beyond a quick wipe with a damp cloth here and there. Is this enough and how often should you be cleaning your phone?

To answer the first question, no, it isn’t nearly enough! According to a study by the University of Arizona, the typical mobile phone can be home to up to 17,000 different types of bacteria, which is ten times more than the average toilet seat. Everytime you touch your phone you transfer the germs and bacteria on your hands to it, yet most of us will wash our hands multiple times per day, but the same can’t be said for our devices. Now think about that whilst you're holding your phone to your face to make calls or scrolling through TikTok whilst eating. What we end up with is an accumulation of different bacteria living on our devices.

It should be said that we do come into contact with thousands of different germs everyday, and most of the microbes found on your phone are not actually pathogens. In other words, they won’t necessarily make you sick. However, if we do come into contact with more harmful bacteria, such as Covid19 or E. coli, you increase the chances that it will find a way into your system if you do not keep your device clean. The simple advice is that you should be sanitising your phone as often as you wash your hands, especially if you’ve used it in the bathroom, which will help you keep bacteria levels down and avoid recontamination of any nasties you’ve come into contact with.

It isn’t just the germs you should be worried about either. Our phones pick up a surprising amount of dirt when we handle them, including food, makeup, dust and oils. This gunk can get into the speakers, microphones and ports of your device, clogging them up and leading to poor performance. Grease from foods can degrade the glue in screen protectors, causing them to bubble and lift, and in extreme cases oils can get inside the device causing damage to the electronics.

So, how do you keep your phone clean? Below we have put together our top 5 tips that you can follow to keep your device clean and healthy!

1. Everytime you wash your hands, give your phone a wipe! Use a disinfecting wipe or spray a disinfectant cleaner onto a soft cloth and give the phone a good wipe all over. This will help keep the germs on your phone to a minimum. Remember never to spray directly onto the device and avoid using too much liquid that could damage the phone.

2. Remove any visible dirt or smears as soon as possible! You can use a dry or slightly damp cloth if you don’t have a disinfectant wipe, but getting rid of these smudges will help stop the gunk building up inside speakers and stop grease damaging screen protectors.

3. Sanitise your phone regularly!

There are many ways you can do this, but one of the best ways is to pick up a UV sanitising box. They are a safe way to get rid of germs from all of your non-washable tech, including headphones, smartwatches and phones. Check out the Momax Sanitising Box here.

4. Wash your cases and accessories! If you have a plastic or polycarbonate case on your phone, you can simply wash these in soapy water and allow to dry. Avoid the dishwasher as the heat may warp the plastic and damage any rubberised parts. If you have a leather case, a disinfectant wipe or UV sanitising box is your best option.

5. Get your phone deep cleaned by a professional every few months! A professional deep clean will clear out all of your speakers, microphones and other ports, protecting the phone and improving performance. A good technician will also give the phone a once over to ensure the battery health and inspect any minor damage to make sure your phone isn’t going to have any unexpected problems that could have been avoided. If you’re after a deep clean for your phone, visit your nearest Fone King store:

Not only is a clean device healthier, but it will last longer and stay in better condition, all of which are great reasons to follow these tips. For more advice, or answers to other tech related questions, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, or visit one of our stores!