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10 gifts your dad wants more than socks.

10 gifts your dad wants more than socks.

Ten things your dad wants for Christmas more than socks!

Who is the most difficult person to shop for on your Christmas list? Well, if right now you’re answering ‘my dad’, you wouldn’t be alone! Afterall, what do you get the man who has everything and has been blessed with the greatest gift of all… his kids! Too often it’s easy to fall back on the tried and trusty classics when buying for the grumpy old man in your life - novelty socks, a ‘World’s Best Dad’ mug, or a bottle of whisky - but this year, why not mix it up and and get dad something he’ll actually love!? Here are 10 things your dad wants MORE than socks!


If your dad loves his car, why not treat him with a TOP OF THE RANGE car cradle? Car cradles are far more than just loose fitting clips that fall off whenever you hit a bump these days. A great car cradle not only holds your phone securely, but allows the driver to safely use the phone for making calls, using maps or listening to music. The Mount It Robotic 1 is one of the MOST HIGH-TECH car mounts on the market. Its robotic arms automatically open and close to securely grip the phone, plus it wirelessly charges so dad will arrive at his destination with a full battery!


As dads get older they often find new hobbies, and encouraging them is a sure way to put a smile on their face. A telescope is a BRILLIANT ADDITION to the kit of anyone into stargazing, fishing, hiking, and many other outdoor activities. The Eagle Eye Spotting Scope is LIGHTWEIGHT and COMPACT, making it easy to carry around, and with up to 60x zoom, it is more than enough for any casual hobbyist. Plus, it comes with its own tripod and a mount for a mobile phone so they can take photos of the interesting things they see.


Does your dad love gadgets? If so, then they’d probably LOVE getting a drone for Christmas! Unless they have flown drones before though, you’ll want something entry level and easy to use so that they can get used to it before progressing on to a more advanced model. The Firefly Drone is controlled by hand movements, making it SUPER EASY to pilot so dad can just have some fun with it.


Many retirees use their new found freedom to travel, but it’s not the kind of travel we do in our early 20s… it is usually A LOT more comfortable and luxurious! Great travel accessories make travelling to new countries easier and more convenient, so if your dad loves seeing new places these can make a fantastic gift. Raw Techlabs new Voltflex 5-in-1 Universal Travel Charger is the ultimate travel accessory. It can be used both as a wall plug, with adapters for over 150 countries, but also as a power bank which is IDEAL for long days of sightseeing!


A lot of dads love nothing better than pottering about in their shed or garage, tinkering with their car or getting odd jobs done. What BETTER ADDITION to this passtime than some music from their youth bringing back fond memories of times gone by? It's better than that rubbish kids listen to these days anyway! The Portable Party Box Speaker is a great addition to any garage or shed. It connects easily to your dad’s phone via bluetooth, and has GREAT sound quality. Plus, being small and compact, it doesn’t take up valuable space on the work bench!


We now have a generation of dads who grew up on Nintendo and Sega, and they’ll tell you that games from back in the day were more fun. If that sounds like your old man, then an arcade machine with all his favourite games is a MUST HAVE. The Retro Arcade Machine is the ULTIMATE GIFT for gamer dads this Christmas. With over 2000 games, all his old favourites are sure to be there, and the dual sided controls make multiplayer super fun.


If your dad is a big kid at heart then he’s going to be STOKED with a new remote control car to play with this Christmas. However, as an adult, we’re sure he can probably handle something with a bit more power than the toys you get from most shops… The 4WD Power RC Car is definitely not a toy! It has a TOP SPEED of 40kmh and is equally comfortable zipping across rough terrain as it is over tarmac, meaning you can take it anywhere!


Any dad will tell you that his kids make sure his wallet is kept in constant use, so a new one is always a WELCOME GIFT! Instead of going for the old fashioned bill fold, especially when most people don’t carry much cash these days, why not change it up and look at a great card wallet? Diamond & Anchor are synonymous with quality, and their MagSafe Mobile Card Wallet is a wallet WITH A DIFFERENCE. Not only does it have plenty of space for all your dad’s cards, but the powerful magnet allows him to snap it to the back of his phone, saving on pocket space. That isn’t all, the fold out design then doubles as a stand for the phone.


This one is for the tech nerd dad out there! If your dad loves his different tech, then a kit for keeping them clean and dust free might just be WHAT HE IS LOOKING FOR! The Geek Aid is a 7-in-1 cleaning kit that fits right in his pocket and allows him to SAFELY CLEAN everything from charging ports to screens, and even sweep out the crumbs from keyboards, improving functionality and even preventing damage.


Finishing where we started with something for the car! Dads with young kids might be tearing their hair out and the amount of crumbs and rubbish that fills their pride and joy car. A car vacuum is a quick easy way to take care of that, and could be EXACTLY the gift he’s been waiting for! The Cleaner is a small but POWERFULl portable vacuum which can be kept right in the glove box, easily on hand to suck up rogue crumbs from all those nooks and crevices. If you’re still shopping for dad then we hope this list helps, and if you’ve already bought the socks, it’s not too late to return them and get him something he’ll actually love!