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Top 5 phone accessories that make great Christmas gifts

Top 5 phone accessories that make great Christmas gifts

Have you got someone on your Christmas gift list that you just find impossible to shop for? Maybe Dad is the guy who has everything, or you’re too out of the loop to know what teenagers are into these days.

Well, something almost everyone over the age of 13 has in common is that they are probably quite attached to their phones, so we’ve put together our Top 5 phone accessories for the person who has everything… but their phone doesn’t!

1. Battery Packs

It’s a fact of modern phones that the batteries just do not last as long as we’d like them to, and particularly if the device is more than 3 years old, there's a good chance that having the battery die at inconvenient moments is a very real problem. That is why a battery pack can make such a great gift. It’s not just a new piece of tech, but it is more time with their most essential piece of tech! That means more time to play games on the evening commute, more time to take videos on a night out and still have battery left to order the Uber home, or more time to get to those important emails in the evening. Now, battery packs have come a long way in the last few years, so to make sure you are gifting something great, there are a few things to look for. Firstly, capacity is important. You’ll want a minimum of 5000 mAH which will fully charge most phones at least twice. This means they won’t be charging the battery pack as often as they need to charge their phone. Also look for something that is MagSafe and charges wirelessly. Most phones under 5 years old have MagSafe and wireless charging capabilities, and having a battery pack that works with this is super convenient as it attaches comfortably to the phone rather than hanging loose, and charges without needing to carry extra cables which are easily lost. A great option is the Mag Power Magnetic Power Bank from Raw Techlabs. It has all the features above and comes in either 5000 or 10000 mAH capacities.

2. Wireless Chargers

Sticking with the charging theme, another great phone accessory gift is a wireless charger. As mentioned above, most phones released in the last 5 years have both wireless charging and MagSafe capabilities, but a lot of users have barely scratched the surface on the range of great accessories that work with these features. There are a number of advantages to using a wireless charger instead of a traditional cable. Firstly, the charging port is one of the most fragile parts of the phone and charging port repairs are one of the most common repairs we do at Fone King. Often the damage is simply a result of repeatedly plugging and unplugging a cable, or dirt getting pushed deep into the port by the cable. With wireless chargers you don’t have this, so by giving someone a wireless charger for Christmas you could be saving them the cost of a repair. Wireless chargers also come in a lot of different shapes and designs which can look a lot more attractive than an old cable, and they are often able to charge multiple devices at once, making them perfect for someone who has a smartwatch and airpods as well as their phone. When looking for the perfect wireless charger as a gift, definitely look at the power output. An underpowered wireless charger could charge very slowly, so you’ll want a minimum of 15w. Secondly, something that has additional functionality can make it more usable and more interesting. Raw Techlabs’ 3 in 1 Wireless Charger ticks all of these boxes. It has 3 different charging pads each delivering 15w - The standard wireless charger, a pad specifically designed for smartwatches, and a MagSafe pad that magnetically attaches to devices. The foldable design also means that it can be turned into a charging phone stand, as well as being folded up to fit in a pocket or bag to be conveniently carried around.

3. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Modern phones are so much more than just a device to make and receive calls. They are pocket sized entertainment centres, and one of the most common uses for phones is listening to music. Sometimes we want to share our new favourite songs with our friends, but the phone’s speakers are just not enough to get the full experience. That is why a bluetooth speaker is such a great accessory to have on hand. Now, bluetooth speakers come in all different shapes and sizes, and you can spend some serious money on the top brands. The first question you need to ask is ‘what is it going to be used for?’ If you’re after a new speaker for a home entertainment system, you’ll mostly look at volume levels and sound quality when choosing. However, if you’re after something that is more portable, then size and ease of use are going to be the most important features. Look for something that pairs easily and doesn’t require much, if any, programming. As portable bluetooth speakers go, the Mag Boom Speaker is a great little gift. It’s very compact but still produces some great quality sound, and it attaches to the back of the phone using the MagSafe feature, meaning it just feels like a fun extension of the phone itself.

4. Selfie Lights

We know not everyone is a selfie king or queen, but the chances are that you know at least one person who is. One of the biggest problems when taking selfies is getting the perfect lighting as the flash on phone cameras are often too harsh and leave the picture looking flat and washed out. Selfie lights are the solution and that’s why they make a perfect gift for aspiring influencers. Unlike full sized ring lights, a selfie light attaches directly to the phone itself, making it a far more practical tool to carry around, whilst providing a softer and more natural light for pictures. There are different styles out there, but we recommend looking for something that is rechargeable or has its own battery. There are some models that need to be plugged into the phone, but these cables can be awkward and it can also drain the phone battery if used for long periods. The other big thing to consider is how it attaches to the phone. Specifically, you’ll want something that will fit any phone and won’t require the user to remove their case to use. Mount It are one of the best mobile phone accessory manufacturers around, and they have their own Selfie Illumination Ring. This light has three natural colour tones and has a simple hair clip style design that will fit any phone, making it an easy ‘clip and go’ option.

5. Grips and Charms

Phone accessories add functionality to a device, but they can also personalise the look and feel of the phone. Grips and Charms are two really simple ways to do this, and they make great stocking fillers. A Grip is an accessory that attaches to the back of the phone or phone case. They are usually extendable and can be used both as an easier way to hold the phone and also as a small stand. When looking for Grips we highly recommend trying to find magnetic versions. The older style would be stuck to the back of the phone which makes them very hard to remove if they needed to be changed. The magnetic versions can be removed and changed whenever needed to suit the occasion. Charms are like chains or bracelets that fix to a phone case and often have a good luck charm attached to them. They can be a bit of fun, but they are also useful for someone who drops their phone a lot as they can slip the charm bracelet over their wrist when holding it. Charm bracelets are easy to swap in and out and come in thousands of different styles, so the only thing you are really looking for is quality. Look for something that is durable and won’t break too easily. We have a wide range of both charms and bracelets in stores, so feel free to come in and look through the collection. So there we have it. Five Christmas gift ideas that we’re sure your friends and family will prefer to socks or the latest self help book trending on TikTok, making you the King or Queen of Christmas gifts!