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Nineteen years and still on the throne! Woohoo!

Nineteen years and still on the throne! Woohoo!

Nineteen years ago a dream started with an idea and a lot of effort. Remember the snake game on your first mobile? Yup, we're that old. Or better, that experienced. Back then, digital changes were happening fast and we seized the opportunity to start a business where we could provide the best service in the market. In the words of our co-founder, Rhonda Mikhail: "We wanted to create a business that was within the technology space because we saw that there was a future in it. We saw a gap in the market because no one was doing everything for every phone. So we came in to fill that gap, providing high customer service with a great range of products to choose from for every phone, and then to provide the service of repairing them". Together with her brother Abraham, who had the vision and knew everything about the industry with solid ideas, they embarked on this journey in a 12-square meter kiosk in Westfield Miranda, and have now grown to 13 stores across NSW and Queensland.

With the mindset of overcoming any challenges along the way and always with a goal to strive for, the young pair worked hard to pay things off and get through the month without even looking at the profits. For them, it was all about the thrill of building and growing constantly. "We were so young and innocent!", our Fone Queen remembers. "We even never looked at our bank accounts. Seriously. We didn't have access to them, my Dad did, and he would tell us that the business had no money (which wasn't true), so that made us work even harder and harder to stay relevant in the retail industry". With a range of products carefully reviewed and in stock for the stars of that era (how to forget the Nokia 3310, 3315, 8210, and 8250), including the "Dad cases”, those leather ones with clips on the back for the belt, and dozens of different chargers as every phone had different charging ports, Fone King's reliability was established. Fast forward to today and we have cases for a wide selection of devices, screen protectors, car chargers, accessories, drones, mobile mics, photography lights, tablet keyboards, scooters...and the list goes on and on. That's why we are 19 years old and still on the throne! But not only has our product list grown, The Fone King family now has 75 team members that are ready to solve any issue related to your phone. "The most beautiful thing with Fone King is that, since we started it until today, it has always been a family. The people that have worked with us are people that stay with us for a long time, people that enjoy growing with us", says Rhonda. And then, there's you. You and hundreds of Australians who have put your trust in us, helping us become Australia’s most trusted tech repair and accessories business! As we've grown, it's just beautiful to see that trust. We appreciate every person who comes into our stores and appreciates even more being a part of your family, seeing it grow, and still coming back to us. You're the FKing best! So what's next? Our goal is to continue to keep Fone King as a leader in the phone accessories and technology space, and to keep improving and growing the business. Who knows, maybe taking it internationally one day. We're still building, we're not done yet, and we want you to keep growing with us. Now let's celebrate with all the gifts we have for you.


The Fone King Family