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Top 5 mobile accessories on the Fone King Online Shop

Top 5 mobile accessories on the Fone King Online Shop

We love mobile accessories here at Fone King so its really hard to decide which accessories are our favourite. Nevertheless, we've compiled the list below of our absolute top 5 mobile accessories for pimping out your phone. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone this list will help you get your phone protected and looking great!

#5 - Phone Geek Magnetic Car Mount

Phone Geek Magnetic Car Mount

We absolutely love the ease of use of this product. Simply remove the adhesive from the mount, stick it on to your car dashboard. Then remove the adhesive from the phone connector and stick it to the back of your phone or phone case. The mount enables your phone to swivel 360 degrees so you can rock out in portrait or landscape orientation. Police are now targeting drivers who hold their phones or worse still, hold their phone to their head while driving. Not only is this very dangerous but the fines and points penalty is steep. So avoid those fines and drive safe with the Phone Geek Magnetic Car Mount.


#4 - 3SIXT 3 Metre Micro USB Cable

3SIXT 3 Metre Micro USB Cable

This may seem a bit strange to include a simple cable into this Top 5 list but honestly, this 3 metre cable is going to change your life. Cables that ship with new phones are ridiculously short (usually 1 metre or less) all in the name of keeping costs down on the final device. Most people charge their phones around the home, next to the bed, in the kitchen, in the lounge room or at work at our desks. Using a 3 metre charge cable effective triples your "roamability" and will give you so much more freedom, especially if you're lying in bed or if your power socket is annoyingly far from where you're sitting.

#3 - Otterbox Defender Series Case

Otterbox Defender Series Case

The Otterbox Defender Series isn't for everyone but if you need a heavy duty case, this is the Rolls Royce option. Popular among tradies and people who love the great outdoors, the Defender Series sports triple-layer protection consisting of an inner shell, outer slipcover and screen protector. Otterbox manufacture these with a high impact polycarbonate shell and durable silicone meaning they'll go the distance and protect your device against drops, bumps, shocks, dust and scratches. There's also port covers to keep dirt, dust and lint out of jacks and ports.

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#2 Melkco Kubalt Double Layer Case

The Melkco Kubalt Double Layer Case is a premium protection case which provides great protection and looks equally sexy. The case feels great in the hand and perfectly fits to your device. Manufactured from polycarbonate and silicone, the Kubalt series is lightweight yet extremely durable and will protect your phone from drops and shocks with ease.

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#1 Super Shield Antishock Film

Taking out the top spot is the one and only Super Shield Antishock Film. This screen protector is the absolute bomb. It was featured on Channel 7 News complete with hammer, nail and fire tests. Check it out below:

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