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Can you repair Liquid Damage?

Baby we’re the best! We have an 80% success rate repairing handsets diagnosed with liquid ingress (water damage). Of the 20% remaining we can usually salvage data from at least 50% of those in cases where we cannot save the actual handset itself.

Accepted Payment Methods

We accept cash, Eftpos and all major credit cards. We offer pre-approved business customers monthly accounts for their mobile phone fleet.

Do you charge for a quote?

At Fone King the quote fee is $59. This is deducted from the total of the repair cost if the quote is approved.

Do you offer customers a warranty with your repairs?

If we didn’t we wouldn’t be the brand we claim to be. Fone King offers a standard warranty of six (6) months covering parts and labour. Liquid damage repairs receive a three (3) month parts and labour warranty. Warranty does not cover further liquid damage, physical damage or attempted modifications. If Fone King warranty stickers are tampered with or removed, warranty is voided.

What exactly does the warranty cover?

The warranty only covers the part(s) replaced and related labour. Warranty is voided by subsequent liquid or physical damage of any kind.

Do you use original parts?

Through tactical partnerships and relationships with suppliers globally, we are proud to say that a solid 95% of our parts used are 100% OEM. In cases where OEM parts are genuinely unavailable, high-grade aftermarket parts are sourced and the same six (6) month warranty applies.

How do I track my repair?

Easy! Follow this LINK and enter your tracking number for LIVE status updates.

What’s the average repair time?

Common repairs can be done on the spot within the hour. For advanced repairs we aim for a 2-3 day turn around which includes courier transportation between store and repair centre. Water damage can take between five (5) and ten (10) days due to advanced drying methods and the requirement of stringent testing procedures.

Will my data be kept private?

Not an issue. We consider privacy at Fone King paramount. Your data will be secure at all times. At Fone King, we offer a unique confidentiality agreement that states that we will not mishandle the data on your phone. This means all your information, pictures, emails, SMS etc are protected from theft or fraud.

Do I have to pay up front?

Your call. Pay upfront, during the repair process or at pick up.

Do you provide tax invoices for business purposes?

Absolutely. All repairs are issued with tax invoices.

Am I able to send my device in by courier/mail?

Certainly. Please use the ‘Online Repair Book In’ button.

Can you fix any mobile problem?

Pretty much. There’s little we can’t repair. Our team of technicians have on average 10 years of mobile device repair experience and will attempt to repair any GSM mobile phone that is experiencing problems.

Do you keep parts in stock?

Fone King has the largest repair parts stock of any non-warranty repairer. From old Nokia’s to the latest Samsung’s, it’s quite rare for a device to require a special parts order.

Are you able to backup my data?

Sure can. We can backup your data to USB thumb (memory stick) or hard drive

I failed at fixing my phone myself. Will you try?

We will definitely attempt to repair your handset, and in most cases we’ll be successful. Unfortunately, no warranties are provided on jobs that clearly show signs of DIY attempts. Don’t fret though. Once we’ve checked out your phone we’ll let you know the deal

How do I know if your quality of repairs is good?

Close to 11 year’s repair history isn’t enough for you? Phones with liquid damage alone have an 80% repair success rate. Additionally, our warranty program also provides a guarantee of service.

What is the price of a repair?

Please contact or visit your closest Fone King location with the model and fault you are experiencing for a fixed price quotation. Alternatively, get a quote for $59 to be deducted from the total of your repair cost.

Can you sell me mobile phone parts?

Unfortunately due to strict agreements with manufacturers we’re not able to sell parts to the public. If you are looking to trade wholesale, however, give us all call.

Do you offer loan phones with repairs?

Yep, but be quick. Loan phones are provided on a first come basis. Book your repair in advance, let us know what you need and we’ll do the best we can.

Do you have corporate prices?

Corporate prices are available to select customers who commission Fone King to maintain their entire fleet of devices. Perhaps this is something your business should think about.

Can you send my phone back to me once it is repaired?

Sure can. Ask your consultant for information on this service when booking in your device.

Do I need to hold on to my receipt for warranty purposes or is it accessible through your internal system?

File it, don’t trash it. You’ll absolutely need your receipt for warranty purposes. We don’t keep customer details for each payment, but please let our sales staff know if you wish to set up your details for receipts to be retrieved.