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Common Issues
Liquid Damage Plus

Liquid or "water damage" is the introduction of a liquid substance internally or externally on a device which will attack componentry vital to the successful operation of the phone or tablet. What liquid can harm a phone or tablet?

  • Water
  • Sea water
  • Alcohol
  • Perfume
  • Even humidity or steam!

If your device has suffered liquid damage, follow our step-by-step guide: Saving Liquid Damaged Devices.

Can it be fixed?

Fone King has an excellent success rate repairing phones with water damage especially if the below instructions have been followed carefully.

Our expert technicians will conduct the next phases of repair which can include isolating corrosion, full chemical clean, ultrasonic wash, component replacement, re-soldering, board drying and any further parts replacement required.

The following information is helpful to us when you drop off your liquid damaged device:

  1. What type of liquid has the device been exposed to?
  2. How long ago was the damage done?
  3. Did you turn off the phone when it happened?
  4. How long til you turned it back on?
  5. Have you taken any steps to try and fix the phone since the damage?
  6. What symptoms have you had since then?
  7. Has the phone been repaired previously? What was the damage? When?

Here's what to do when your phone has come in contact with liquid:

  • Turn off your device immediately and remove battery. DO NOT connect your device to a charger. Stay calm. Do some deep breathing now if your adrenalin is getting the better of you.
  • If your phone has been submerged in salt or chlorinated water, rinse thoroughly with fresh water. This reduces the significant corrosion caused by these liquid types. Please note that saltwater is particularly destructive to mobile phone circuitry and boards, and rapidly eats through phone components once crystalised. Stop reading this. Go rinse your phone now!
  • Remove all accessories from the device. This includes SIM and memory cards, cases, lanyards, battery cover etc. All openings and inputs on the phone need to be clear to allow for the best possible drainage. Try smiling. It helps your body relax.
  • Tip the phone in several directions to drain excess water. DO NOT shake the phone. This is a typical nervous reaction that occurs in damaged phone situations that can lead to the liquid being pushed deeper into the phone to areas where it is much harder to drain.
  • Use a medium powered suction vacuum to extract excess water by firstly removing the floor attachment. Aim the nozzle at all handset openings vacuuming for no less than 2 minutes. Be careful of small or loose parts. DO NOT use a hairdryer to dry out your phone. Vacuum your phone in private to avoid being the next pub joke.
  • Place phone in a zip lock bag or plastic container with silica gel packets if available* OR uncooked rice. Squeeze out excess air to ensure container is airtight as oxygen promotes corrosion. If using rice, replace after three (3) hours ensuring maximum moisture absorption. Switch to silica gel packets as soon as possible. Memorise above for maximum impact with possible love interest in wrecked phone situation.
  • If possible, within six hours of liquid damage visit your closest Fone King store.

Download Guide to Liquid Damage (PDF)

No Power Plus

When it comes to the power of a phone literally anything can impact whether it will function correctly or not. Our technicians have a selection of equipment and years of experience that can very quickly narrow down the most likely cause and allow us to provide you with a quote on the spot.

Typical causes of devices not powering on:

  • Liquid damage
  • Power button
  • Charging ports
  • Battery quality
  • Software issues
  • Physical damage
  • Damage to PCB (short circuit)

What to do to increase your chances of a successful repair:

  1. Leave the phone off
  2. Avoid plugging it into chargers as a short circuit could fry your internal board
  3. Tell our technician whether the phone has been previously repaired, been in contact with liquid, dropped or has any potential software issues
  4. Avoid any further damage and let the experts at Fone King diagnose the exact fault for you

Download Guide to No Power (PDF)

Battery Not Holding Charge Plus

Batteries not holding charge is one of the most common faults found with phones and tablets. There can be multiple reasons why your battery does not last as long anymore. Rest assured, Fone King can have you back in action quickly.

Typical causes of batteries not holding charge:

  • Like all batteries, your device battery will have a specific charge and discharge rate that will expire as time goes on
  • Leaving your phone on while charging can put stress on the battery cells causing them to wear down over time
  • Specific apps are known to drain your battery quickly
  • Your phone may have suffered unknown physical or liquid damage

Smartphone batteries have a lifespan of between 300-500 charging cycles, which equates to roughly 12 months of standard usage.

What to do to help your battery last longer:

  1. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi if you're not using them
  2. Reduce your screen brightness
  3. Disable live wallpapers
  4. Turn off your location / location services
  5. Limit your screen timeout
  6. Turn off vibration

Myth Busters:

  1. You don't have to let you battery drain to 0% before charging it again. New lithium-ion batteries are best kept between 40% and 80%.
  2. Leaving your device charging overnight does NOT reduce the battery lifespan. Once fully charged, the device switches to "trickle charge" mode which has a minimal impact on the battery.

How we assess affected devices:

  • Current draw (power usage) on the phone
  • Charging ports
  • Battery quality
  • Software issues
  • Liquid damage
  • Physical damage
  • Damage to PCB (short circuit)


Download Guide to Not Holding Charge (PDF)

Physical Damage Plus

Physical damage occurs when a device has experienced some form of trauma. The most common types of physical damage are:

  • Touchpad / glass cracked
  • LCD screen broken
  • Housing bent or dented
  • Charging connectors / pins damaged

What to do to increase your chances of a successful repair:

  1. Do not attempt to repair the device yourself
  2. Bring all pieces of your broken device into Fone King
  3. Always tell a Fone King staff member how the damage actually occurred
  4. Keep the damaged device away from any moisture
Data Recovery Plus

Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from a device that has no power, been corrupted or lost. Rest assured Fone King are the experts at retrieving lost data.

How we recover your data

This will differ for every phone however we usually have to perform a selection of repairs to first be able to access the data.

  • Before the data can be extracted we need to get the correct memory IC's functioning
  • Where needed, we may need to replace the charging connector for a successful data transfer
  • Replacement of one or many of the key components needed for power

When we successfully recover your data, what do we do with it?

Whatever solution is most convenient to you we can accommodate.

Deep Clean Plus

At Fone King, we've mastered the art of reviving your beloved devices with our deep cleaning service!

Say goodbye to the gunk, dust, and mysterious smudges that sneak into every nook and cranny of your gadgets.

Our meticulous cleaning wizards employ cutting-edge techniques and gentle care to breathe new life into your devices.

From banishing fingerprints to tackling those stubborn crumbs in the crevices, we leave no pixel unturned.

Trust us to give your tech a spa day it deserves, returning your devices sparkling clean and ready for more adventures in the digital realm!

Device Types
Phones Plus

With over two decades of dedicated service, Fone King has established itself as the premier destination for mobile device repairs. Our in-store technicians are not just skilled, they're equipped with degrees in their craft, ensuring your device receives the utmost care and precision.

At Fone King, we understand the value of quality parts, which is why we exclusively use top-tier components in all our repairs. Whether it's a cracked screen, a malfunctioning battery, or any other issue plaguing your device, our technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and resolve it efficiently.

Smart Watches Plus

Fone King offers an expert smartwatch repair service designed to keep your wearable tech in top-notch condition.

Our skilled technicians specialize in handling a diverse range of smartwatch brands, from Apple Watch to Samsung Galaxy and more.

Whether it's a cracked screen, battery issues, or software glitches, we've got you covered.

With precision and care, we diagnose and remedy issues efficiently, ensuring your smartwatch is back on your wrist and functioning seamlessly in no time.

Trust us to handle your smartwatch with the utmost expertise, returning it to you as good as new, so you can stay connected and stylish without missing a beat.

Tablet, Laptop & Desktop Plus

Our dedicated team of technicians is well-versed in diagnosing and resolving a wide spectrum of issues, whether it's a cracked screen, hardware malfunctions, software glitches, or performance slowdowns.

From iPads to laptops and beyond, we handle an extensive range of brands and models with precision and expertise.

With a commitment to quality and efficiency, we swiftly pinpoint the problem and implement effective solutions, returning your device to you in pristine condition.

Trust Fone King to rejuvenate your tablet or computer, allowing you to dive back into work, entertainment, and everything in between, hassle-free.

Gaming Consoles Plus

At Fone King, we understand the heartbreak of a malfunctioning console, interrupting your gaming escapades.

Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in the intricate workings of gaming consoles, whether it's PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or others.

From fixing hardware glitches to resolving software issues, we're equipped to tackle a wide array of problems. With a commitment to quality and efficiency, we swiftly diagnose the problem and apply our expertise to restore your console to its former glory.

Trust us to bring back the thrill of gaming, ensuring that your console gets the VIP treatment it deserves for uninterrupted gaming adventures.