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To case or not to case... that is the question

To case or not to case... that is the question

Here at Fone King one of the most common questions our consultants are asked is whether or not you need a case on your smart device.

It is actually a huge argument not just with the technology world but also with the world of fashion (which let us be honest, smart devices have become a part of)... Aesthetics or practicality???

Do I keep my phone as slim as possible, or do I invest in a protective case to save on a potential screen repair!

With the average screen repair cost at around the $180 mark, its up to you if you want to protect yourself from the common mobile device illness of a broken screen.

No device is unbreakable, even the toughest tradesman style devices are commonly booked in for repairs with our expert technicians here at Fone King... So ignore any claims by manufacturers who claim their device can not be broken... send them to our shock testing lab!

At Fone King we carry everything from a plain hard back case to the popular LifeProof waterproof range of cases and almost everything in between.

Do yourself (and your bank account) a favour and buy yourself a case to protect yourself from unnecessary breakages, a quick visit to our friendly team for some expert advice and we will get you sorted. You can also shop 24/7 on our online store.